Selling Your Home in Winter- Yes You Can!

'Neighbors 2' photo (c) 2010, Chris Hartman - license: people question the idea of selling their home in the Wiinter, but there are many advantages to consider.  Here are just a few things to consider when selling your home in winter:

Winter Buyers are Serious Buyers

Who shops for home in the Winter?  Serious buyers, that’s who.  In the Spring, the casual observers, lookey-loos, and professional home shoppers are out fantasizing, planning for “someday,” or just scoping out the competition.  They will come to your house, take up your time, and never buy your house.

Less Competition

Many people want to “wait until Spring” to sell their house.  And for many people, it is a necessity because of the school year.  The onset of these Spring listings increases the inventory levels dramatically, and makes it more difficult to stand out.  And some of those sellers will be super-motivated to change school districts, and will price their homes competitively.  If you are selling your home in the Winter, you will have more chance to stand out.

Some Houses Look Great in Winter

Depending upon the setting, some houses look fabulous in the winter- great landscaping, views…you’ve seen those houses.  But every house can look good in the winter.  Trimmed grass, edged and mulched garden beds, clean windows with no screens and professional pictures taken on a bright, sunny day can still make your house pop.

Houses Sell All Year

For example, in Howard County, which is a fairly small County in terms of home sales, if you look at the Real Estate Market Report for Howard County, there were over 200 homes sold in December alone.  In fact, our last two lstings in January 2013 sold in under a week, and one of them for well over asking price.

So you might ask, “Are there any drawbacks to selling yor home in the Winter?”  Well, there are a few:


Harsh weather can be a challenge when selling your home in Winter.  Leaves must be raked completely up… every single one….even that one…. and the yard must be kept neat.  Snow must be shoveled completely away from the driveway, sidewalk, deck, pathways…everywhere.  When someone comes to visit your house, you want them to have complete access, but you also want them to see that you are a homeowner that takes pride in their home.  And the more you shovel, the less they will bring in on their feet!

Make sure to contact the Head for Home Team if you have any questions, or if you are considering selling your home soon.  We would love to help!