RED Day Maryland

It’s That Time Again!

As part of our annual RED Day event, we are hosting a fundraiser at various Outback Steakhouses in the Baltimore area.  This event has become so large, and helps so many people, that we need to accomplish a significant amount of front-end fundraising in advance of the event.

Because the event has become such a huge success, Keller Williams International actually sent a film crew to our last event, in order to capture some of the magic.  If you haven’t participated in this event, please make sure to watch this video first, and then decide just how much you would like to contribute!

 If you would like to help out with this incredible event, there are several ways.  The first way is to attend the fundraiser at Outback and help us raise funds- see the link below.  If you would like to actually participate in the event, or would like to make a donation beyond attending the Outback event, please contact me directly at so we can discuss.  Thanks to you all in advance, and make it a Great Day!

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RED Day Maryland Eventbrite Link